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Connect Assist provides dedicated helplines and CRM technology to several different sectors, predominantly within the charity space.

We were tasked not only with creating their tone of voice guidelines and 56 pages of web copy, but also with the planning and production of on-going content. The range of content we produce has to intuitively guide both the tech-minded and those looking for a ‘human approach’ – a balance they had always found hard to achieve.

A constantly-evolving content calendar makes sure we're covering a range of topics and key ‘pillars’. On top of this, we conduct regular video calls and face-to-face editorial meetings, meaning we can produce reactive, as well as pre-planned, content.

Using the new brand and tone guidelines, we brief and produce a steady stream of content for Connect Assist, ranging from blogs and artworked white papers to infographics and animations, which can not only be used on the new website and social channels, but also as valuable collateral for the sales team.