Love Welcomes

Love Welcomes wanted to create a lasting impression by showing how refugee women in Greece are creating handmade welcome mats to help change their lives for the better.

Love Welcomes is a social enterprise with a great cause. They produce unique products, in collaboration with the likes of Banksy, by using the raw materials from the life jackets and blankets they used themselves, meaning all items have a personal touch and are a real one-off.

The women working on these products take real pride in learning how to use all the machinery and create the best items they can. These products are then shipped off to homes all around the world.

We created some videos with them that showed aspects of the refugee camp, the women’s personal stories and how the products are creatively designed. The aim was to capture the attention of the viewers and help them understand the challenges these refugees are facing, the positive impact Love Welcomes is having on the lives of the people in the camp, and how they can invest in their future by purchasing some of the great products these women create.