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Paragon Customer Communications is the leading digital customer communications specialist in the UK. The company offers a complete communications solution that helps businesses connect more effectively with their clients across every channel.

Keen to differentiate themselves from the competition and create a buzz in the industry, Paragon tasked us with developing a creative campaign that would set them apart and create talking points with their customers.

The message behind the campaign is that defining, segmenting, and understanding a customer base is crucial for developing successful customer experience and management – and that Paragon is the expert to partner with.

Inspired by the classic card game, Top Trumps, we developed Persona Pix, a fun web-based card game that encourages players to think differently about their customers.

We developed an initial 30 cards, each based around a fictional character (players would meet everyone from Environmental Esther to Five Phone Felix), whose communication likes and dislikes are informed not just by their demographics, but by their personalities and interests.

The game encouraged players to think differently about the factors that influence the success or failure of customer communications, and start considering why a more intelligent use of customer
data is important for communications preferences.

Alongside the online game, we developed a suite of promotional and supporting assets, including:

- A promotional email campaign
- A series of blogs exploring the data and learnings behind the game
- Promotional and supporting videos featuring characters from the game
- Physical card packs to send to selected clients

Ultimately, we created a unique, engaging experience – with distinct brand messaging – that successfully positioned Paragon as a step ahead of the competition when it comes to customer communications innovation.