There’s always that one thing – you know, that thing you keep putting off? The dripping tap; the flickering lightbulb; capitalising on the wildly effective power of video.

Yes, I get it: you’ve read a thousand persuasive pieces on video’s unstoppable sway, but have you actually done anything about it?

I think we’re all cognisant of the fact video isn’t going anywhere. It’s time to act.

As natural as breathing

When you finally get around to fixing that troublesome tap, what are you more likely to do? Spend an age leafing through the Yellow Pages (do they even exist anymore?), or quickly tap ‘how to fix tap’ into YouTube? We both know the answer.

Whether you’re playing the DIY superhero, scrolling through your social feeds or trying to justify buying that 65-inch TV, at some point, you will be engaging with video.

Numbers talk

Still not convinced? Let me throw some stats your way:

I don’t need to show you a video to prove that video shouldn’t be ignored – the numbers speak for themselves. However, I appreciate how daunting it can feel crafting your own video strategy. Who do we even film? What if it just looks really crap and cheesy? How do we make sure people see it? And, of course, the age old ‘Can we even afford it?’

This ain’t Hollywood

Creating a video strategy and end product isn’t as costly as you might think. For starters, you no longer need to hire a full-service TV production company – not when making a few corporate videos.

A considered strategy is invaluable, and spares you from running around like a hapless Apprentice contestant. If you take the time to understand and apply audience-specific insights, you can hone razor-sharp messaging. The end result? Shiny new video content which ticks all the right boxes.

Contrary to popular belief, video marketing isn’t solely B2C; B2B is now a hotbed for video content. As video consumption becomes second nature and attention spans dwindle, many business leaders find B2B video content more digestible – on the train, in the office, anywhere.

Econsultancy threw a spotlight on some great B2B video campaigns here. The lessons we can learn from these campaigns are fairly straightforward: don’t be afraid of a little humour; avoid waffle; deliver clear messaging, and tap into viewers’ emotions. Video is all about engaging on a human level, so recognising and offering a balm for someone’s pain points can strike a real chord.

Mix up your media

Don’t shy away from playing with various types of video – some are simply better suited to certain platforms. You may opt for animated content, or lean towards naturalistic video – you might even incorporate both. Depending on your messaging and audience, it’s possible to create content which isn’t just engaging, but timeless, too.

Instead of trying to explain the service you offer via a 1000-word homepage post, why not feature an animation that covers the same ground in, like, 30 seconds? If you know your long-form content has value among readers, why not give it a video makeover and grab even more attention?

An opportunity exists to enhance each asset and marketing communication through video, so join the revolution! It doesn’t have to distract from other forms of content, it can sit alongside it, turbo-charging your marketing channels and messaging.

Having produced video content for brands both large and small, it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing – for both B2B and B2C strategies. Why not talk to the team today?

Ben Hollom

November 12, 2019