Making a grudge purchase
a must-have purchase.

The insurance industry isn’t naturally appealing to consumers.

After all, we have nothing to show for our money from taking out a policy.

It’s all about promoting peace of mind through engaging copywriting and visuals.

Protect your brand with quality content 


Engagement through content gives insurers the ability to go from a low-touch relationship to a meaningful one that builds awareness, knowledge, value, and trust with customers.


The more engagement you have with your customers and the more knowledge you have about them, the better you will be able to forecast their needs and habits. Content can provide a platform for greater personalisation and enhanced customer experience leading to better brand recognition and retention.

Working with the team at Q we’ve been able to refine our tone of voice to effectively convey what can be quite complex subjects like life insurance, with authoritative, trustworthy, compliant content.

Lee Bradshaw

Head Of Organic Growth, QuoteSearch

Content with no comparison 


At Q Content, we’ve spent many years working with some of the UK’s biggest insurers. From mobile phone insurance to life insurance, we know what resonates. Our specialist in-house writers can create copy that forms an emotional connection with the audience and inspires them
to take action. 


Insurance infographics are a great way of presenting stats around the need for protection, while a thought leadership article from an insurance expert can help build trust and give a piece more gravitas. And a succinct video (whether true-shot or an animated explainer video) will ensure you are tapping into the many potential customers who prefer to watch a video when making a purchase decision. 


We’ll help you work out the content formats you need depending on your audience and their stage
of the journey.

The quality of content is second to none, which makes our lives easier when it comes to business and compliance sign off.

Steve Tanner

Head of Performance Marketing, Markerstudy

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We talk about protection for customers, but what about protection for your brand? This year, make resonating content a part of your policy and you’ll see the payout before you know it. 


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