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Anyone can write a blog post. Literally. Anyone. But writing a blog post that people actually want to read? Well, that’s another matter entirely.

People are only really interested in blogs that give something back.

That could be helping them learn a new skill, solve a problem or complete a task. Maybe they want to keep up with industry trends or find content they can share. Or perhaps they’re simply bored and looking for a distraction.

Whatever it is they’re after, you need your blogs to hit the spot.

Do blogs work?


With the popularity of video and social media, you might be wondering if anyone even reads
blogs any more. 

Don’t worry. Blogging is still going strong. 

First up, blogs have the third highest ROI of any
content format.

Meanwhile, research shows blogs of 3,000 words or less ranked joint second in producing the best results for B2B content marketing efforts in the last 12 months.

Why are blogs important?


Blogs matter. And not just because they give customers a better idea of your business or product. They also:

  • Help build authority, credibility and trust
  • Give your brand an identity
  • Keep website content fresh
  • Feed your socials
  • Boost your Google ranking

In other words, blogs mean more traffic, more leads, more customers. What more can you ask for?

Blogs that speak their language


But not all blogs are created equal.

If your blogs are mainly about you, your company or your people, STOP RIGHT THERE. That’s absolutely not what great blogs are about.

You need to think like one of your customers. Answering their questions and showing them you get where they’re coming from. A well-written blog is your fast-track route to connecting with them and earning their trust.

If you can write authentically and use a tone of voice that speaks for your brand, you’ll see readers turning into customers.  

What’s the Q Content approach?


Great blogs don’t happen by chance, they need to be meticulously planned, produced
and delivered.

Here’s what Q Content can do for you:

  • Plan: Working with you to understand your goals and create a strategic, analytics-led plan
  • Audit: Taking stock of current content, updating and optimising posts to give them a new
    lease of life
  • Produce: Creating fresh, engaging content, all written by our in-house copywriters, that connects you with your customers
  • Deliver: Ensuring your content is on brief, on tone and on time, our content managers will quality check your blogs and deliver them to you

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Research. Write. Publish. Repeat. It really is that simple (with the right content team by your side).

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