Content Repurposing

Sometimes you're in the mood to sit down for a three-course meal. Other times, you just want to grab a snack on the go.

Content repurposing

Sometimes you’re in the mood to sit down for a three-course meal. Other times, you just want to grab a snack on the go.

The same can be said when it comes to consuming content.



  • A wordy white paper that’s itching to be summarised into an infographic or series of blogs for people to digest easily.
  • A technical report that’s full of juicy stats, ripe for being made into a punchy animated video or suite of social media posts.
  • Text-heavy content that would benefit from being broken up with graphics, graphs or imagery to guide your audience through.


What is repurposed content exactly? 


It’s where we take your existing long-form content and give it a new lease of life; reimagining it into different formats to capture people’s interest at various stages of the journey, based on how they like to consume content – and when.


The benefits of repurposing content


  • Whet your audience’s appetite – Leave them wanting more and encourage them to download the full
    white paper.
  • Sweat the asset One topic doesn’t equal one piece of content. You can really make the most of all the blood, sweat and tears that’s gone into your white paper by creating different content formats off the back of it.
  • Good for SEO – Google likes and rewards websites that update and refresh their content on a regular basis, and loves it when a variety of content types (video, blogs, e-books etc.) are used.
  • A bank of content to post – With a suite of digestible content formats under your belt, you can then drip feed this content to your audience to support specific campaigns or service/product launches.
  • Content consumption preferences – The message and format needs to change depending on how your audience prefers to consume content. Providing a range of formats gives them choice.



What’s the Q Content process? 


  • Initial chat where we talk to you about your existing content, your audience and your goals.
  • We manually audit your existing long-form content and present our recommendations and costs for how it can be repurposed. 
  • A content plan is put together so we can work towards specific timelines.
  • Our in-house designers, animators and copywriters get to work.
  • You and your audience are wowed by this engaging new content!

Content Formats



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