Social Media Content

Billions of people use social media. Nearly 4.59 billion, and counting.
So, if you’re not creating social media content right now,
what are you doing?

Most businesses are on social media. But smart businesses go further. They’re all over socials. Creating content, managing multiple platforms and engaging with their community.

Basically, they eat, sleep and breathe social media. Do you?

Social media is harder than it looks


If not, don’t worry. We get it. Social media is hard. Surprisingly so.

That’s because:

1. Gaining insights from social data and creating quality, relevant posts takes a lot of time and effort

2. Consumers are marketing savvy and want to identify with brands that are authentic and share their values

3. You think your audience is on Facebook and YouTube, when they’re actually on Insta and TikTok 

4. Social networks are constantly tweaking their algorithms. It’s infuriating!

Why you need social media


Challenges aside, social media can be really good for business. It’s good for your brand, customer service, sales, and recruitment. It’s even good in a crisis. 

It connects people to brands. And it’s those meaningful connections that lead to greater loyalty, engagement
and revenue.

Business benefits include:

  • Brand awareness: Online users are on social media for an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes a day. Don’t wait for customers to find you; take your brand to your customers
  • Brand personality: Find your voice, develop an identity and engage on a human level
  • Drive website traffic: If your followers like what they see, they might just head to your website to find out more
  • Increase credibility: Offer a fresh perspective on key issues and establish your business as an industry
    thought leader
  • Boost revenue: Social media ads help drive purchasing decisions for nearly 80% of customers
  • Gain insights: Analytics help you decide what types of content are working and shape your content strategy

How to make your posts pop


Tried and true social media tactics not working? Want your social posts to pop, but don’t know how? Follow our three-part posting process: 

  • Find a hook: You want users to read – not scroll past – your posts. Encourage them to read more with a catchy opener
  • Offer value: Educate, inspire, motivate or explain. Your posts need to tell your audience what they want
    to hear
  • Connect further: Encourage your audience to engage with a clear call to action

82% of marketers say they repurpose content across social media channels. The question is, how many of them do it themselves? And how many get a little help along the way?

What’s the Q Content approach?


Social media is one part planning, one part analysis, and a good dose of creativity. 

While we don’t manage our clients’ social channels, we focus on all the behind-the-scenes work: building up a bank of engaging content that can then feed into social. 

Whether that’s a suite of social graphics, banner ads or gifs, or blog content that can be pushed out through social, we can support your social media growth by creating fresh, relevant and engaging social media content.

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