Web Copy

The good, the bad, and the completely confusing. For every website that amazes us, there’s one that makes us wonder why, oh why…?

First impressions count. No matter how beautiful your website looks, if it lacks helpful, engaging web copy, your customers won’t hang around.

People want answers to their questions. And they want them now. 

The way they see it, you’re lucky they’re even on your website in the first place.

You can’t change how people read…


The thing is, we all read words differently online:

… but you can change how you create web copy


We’re ruthless in our search for relevant information, but there are ways to grab a user’s attention. 

So, what makes ‘good’ web copy?

It needs to be precise, concise, and offer advice…

  • Precise: Good web copy needs to speak directly to the customer. That means understanding your audience and creating copy targeted to them.
  • Concise: Humans have short attention spans, so tell them what they want to know in as few words as possible. Concise web copy can then be supported with longer, more detailed blog posts.
  • Offer advice: If you talk about a problem your audience faces, you also need to solve it. Present your brand as the solution and offer ways to take action: e.g. ‘book now’ or ‘find out more’.

5 rules for writing web copy


Writing web copy is not like writing other types of copy. There are certain things you need to
keep in mind.

  • Frontload the info
    Put the important stuff first. That way, even if someone only reads the headline and first two sentences, they’ve got the main point of the page.
  • Format smart
    Make your web copy easy to scan by using short paragraphs, subheadings, and bullet points. You can also bold or highlight key phrases.
  • Practise mindful SEO
    Creating quality content is your priority, but optimising for SEO where possible always helps. But only carefully considered keywords, please.
  • Use visual content
    Using infographics, images, and videos alongside written copy will help users’ understanding of what’s in front of them. It’s just the way our brains are wired.
  • Fine-tune your writing style
    Things to avoid: jargon, sales-heavy language, repetition and cliches. Things to include: stats, data, positive language, and storytelling.


How can Q Content help?


At Q Content, we want to make the web a better place. Here’s how we can work with you to
achieve just that:

  • Discovery sessions: We know the starting point for great results is always in-depth discovery sessions. This lets us get to know you, your brand and your customers
  • Define the strategy: Once we’ve collated our findings, we can then create your web copy strategy and plan
  • Brief your copywriter: You will be assigned one of our experienced in-house copywriters who will be fully briefed. Working closely with the content manager, they will make creative decisions based on our findings
  • Share and edit: We will always share a first draft with you. This is your chance to provide any feedback to be included in the final version

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