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MS Diaries needed content to publicise the launch of their Icelandic Yoghurt in Waitrose stores, and help consumers understand the difference between poor quality imitations, regular yoghurt and the ‘original’ Icelandic Skyr. They also needed to build a social media following from virtually zero.

Through editorial, influencer marketing and infographics, we broke down our content based on their target audience groups: parents, athletes, mums-to-be and seniors.

Focusing on the health benefits, the history of Skyr and the unique flavour, we created a range of content types for use in both organic and paid ads.

In the first eight weeks of the campaign, 866,000 users saw the native ads, and the campaign achieved over 12,500 reads of the content.

As a result of the increased awareness and influencer outreach, there has also been more than 25 pieces of coverage featuring Icelandic Skyr in publications and blogs, including: The Guardian, The Times and The Grocer – these have a total reach of just under 24 million.

Website visits also jumped from an average of 2,300 per month to 30,000 per month.