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MS Diaries needed content to publicise the launch of their Icelandic Yoghurt in Waitrose stores, and help consumers understand the difference between poor quality imitations such as Arla, and the ‘original’ Icelandic Skyr. They also needed to build a social media following from virtually zero.

Campaign themes…

1. The story:

- The history of Skyr - how it has been an integral part of any Icelandic breakfast for centuries

- “The real thing” – The “original Skyr” is produced in Iceland, using milk from local farmers

2. The health benefits:

- Promote Skyr as a healthy option.
- Demonstrate how / why it's such a healthy option for every stage of life, based on two main drivers

a) The quality and origin of ingredients (Icelandic water, milk, lack of pesticides etc)
b) The nutritional benefits - protein, fat free, calcium, vitamins etc

3. The taste / quality of the product:

The Audience:

- Kids: Calcium and protein for healthy growth

- Teens: A healthy protein packed snack

- Adults: Healthy food for any time of the day

- Athletes: A satisfying energy boost (low fat / high protein)

- Dieters: Nutritious low fat deliciousness

- Mums-to-be: High calcium, high protein goodness

- Seniors: Calcium to help combat osteoporosis

- In the first eight weeks of the campaign 866,000 users saw the native ads, and the campaign achieved over 12,500 reads of the content.
- Average read time was 95 seconds with a CTA rate of 6.23% and engagement rate of 87.13%.

- As a result of the increased awareness and influencer outreach, there has also been more than 25 pieces of coverage featuring Icelandic Skyr in publications and blogs, including: The Guardian, The Times and
The Grocer – these have a total reach of just under 24 million.

- Website visits jumped from an average of 2,300 per month to 30,000 per month.