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October 28, 2020 @ 1:00 pm

Creating an SEO Strategy for 2021 – in plain English!

Let’s be honest – even for experienced marketers, unless you’re immersed in the subject 24/7, SEO can be a little bewildering.  

If you’re a CMO or marketing manager relying on your SEO team or an external agency to deliver such a critical part of your marketing strategy, you need to be able to communicate clearly with them, guide the strategy, ask the right questions, and understand performance reports.

If you’re part of a smaller team and SEO ‘expert’ is just one of the many hats you have to wear,  you need to be confident that you’re focusing what little time you have, on the right things.  

Join us for this interactive and practical session, where one of the industry’s leading  experts will be sharing the three key areas that you or your team should be focussed on in 2021 (in plain English!).

You’ll learn…

1) The key SEO barriers most businesses face

2) How to overcome them

3) How to make sure that your SEO team  / agency are up to it

About our guest speaker:

After 2 decades at the coalface of SEO, Jon Payne, Technical Director of SEO agency Noisy Little Monkey, consults with CMOs across the globe on how they can plan SEO strategies that align with relevant business goals, communicate those strategies to their SEO teams and deliver sustainable business growth.

Jon is a frequent speaker at digital marketing seminars and is on a mission to debunk the astonishing amount of BS that web designers, marketers and “SEO experts” spout about Google and SEO!

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