One of the things I love about blogging is that it forces me to keep up to date with the industry. In marketing – like so many fast-moving industries – it’s so easy to fall behind and become oblivious to the trends and the new tactics that are defining it.

You might argue that you don’t need to be blogging to stay in touch, but I know that I wouldn’t always dig as deep into new methods and technologies without having to research them for blogging purposes.

You don’t even need to be the person creating the content for your blog to learn from it, presuming that you’ll want to take a look at everything before it gets published.

You can’t necessarily put a value on this particular benefit of blogging but when you get asked about something very specific to your sector – which you happened to have covered on your blog – you will understand its worth.

It’s for this reason, among others, that when somebody asks me if they think their business has missed the boat on blogging, I always tell them no.

Sure, it might feel like you’re turning up to the party late, but really, there are plenty of reasons to start up a blog, or re-start a blog, as is often the case. Here are some reasons suggested by marketing guru Jayson DeMers for Forbes:

1. Content marketing still reigns supreme

At least once every couple of months I’ll come across somebody suggesting that the death of content marketing is imminent.


Yep, content marketing isn’t going anywhere – it’ll continue to evolve with new technology, rather than be overtaken by it.

It is true that consumers are being served more content than ever, causing them to struggle to keep up. Plus there’s the whole fake news thing that has emerged with the ascent of Donald Trump into the White House, which has people questioning the validity of every piece of content they read.

However, the appetite for content is still there – the fake news ‘epidemic’ proves as much. The challenge for brands, of course, is to create trustworthy and accurate content that has the engagement factor of fake news.

2. There’s a well of untapped niches

One of the main concerns about only just starting a blog is that everything has already been covered. Really? There’s still plenty of room for new voices, just like there’s plenty of room for new social influencers – it seems everybody is a tastemaker these days…


Within every industry, there’s a well of untapped niches, one of which you could make your specialist subject. Obviously you don’t want to go too niche and only appeal to a handful of customers, but all the same, there’s no point in talking about a subject that has been done a thousand times over, even if it affects everyone. Analyse what it is that you do better than your competitors and start there.

3. Ever-growing pool of potential readers

Perhaps the most obvious reason for starting a blog is that content audiences are consistently growing over time. In fact, I’m not sure we’ll ever reach a point whereby the number of internet users starts to decline (might be wrong), with getting online only ever becoming more accessible. Can you really afford to accept that you’re ‘too late’ in reaching the eyes of this ever-growing pool of potential readers?

Let us answer that for you…


4. It’s super easy

We’re specialists in content – of course we’re going to say that blogging is easy. However, it really is – content management systems like WordPress are built to serve even the least technologically-savvy users.

Like anything, it might take a few attempts to get your blog looking as you had envisaged it, but you can feel your way through the software knowing that you’ll get there in the end.

The hardest part is actually creating that unique, engaging, relevant content that stops users in their tracks. If that proves impossible, though, you can always get a content specialist on the case?