A recent study from Javelin Strategy & Research has shown that Pinterest users tend to spend more money than the average Facebook user – 126% more, to be precise.

This fact alone should make brands think about focusing some of their marketing efforts on Pinterest. Various studies have been highlighting the fact that pinned pictures are one of the most powerful drivers for traffic to websites, so investing in SEO tactics on Pinterest might prove a successful move, according to an article I found on Business 2 Community.

There are five areas on Pinterest where brands should focus: username, profile name, ´about´ description, board title name and board description. The username is very important because it will be the one that users will know you for. But using your brand name only is not enough, as most people on Pinterest will not look for you by your company name. It might be a good idea to add a keyword to your username, which will tell users exactly what you do. Keywords are also important for your profile name, which should include basic information about your brand. For example, if you run a spa centre called Breathe, you could use “Breathe Day Spa” as a profile name.

The information you include in the ´about´ description is critical; to a large extent it will help users decide whether they should follow you or not, along with the images you pin, of course. Make sure you state why your brand is unique and use keywords to enhance Pinterest SEO.

Next, think about the name of the board you create. It shouldn´t be too fancy as it will be less likely to appear in searches. Make it simple, yet catchy, so that it can be easily found. As for the board description, it is important to choose several keywords and repeat them a few times throughout your allocated 500 words – this can influence your Pinterest SEO, Business 2 Community claims.