By Ben Hollom

The love that Britons have for the Internet has been pointed out many times before, but it has been confirmed once again by the latest study from Forrester Research, which looked into the online habits of consumers from the five major European markets.

´The State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2012´ report polled over 22,000 people in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and found that the British are the most connected nation, with as many as 83% regularly going online – while the average for Europe stands at 75%.

UK consumers are also the most avid technology users, with 64% owning a laptop, 52% having a smartphone and 12% in possession of a tablet. What is more, 58% of Brits own two or more Internet connected devices.

Thanks to the mobility provided by smartphones, European consumers are online not only while they are at home. On average, 22% of the respondents go online while they are outdoors and 14% access the Internet while they are in their cars. At home, 64% of European Internet users go online from their living room, 44% from the bedroom and 31% from the kitchen, the survey found.

Forrester also looked into the social sites that European consumers use. As expected, Facebook tops the chart, with almost three in five Brits having a personal account on the site. Twitter is the next most popular network, with 18% of UK users active on it. The microblogging community, however, is far less common in France and Germany, where it is used by only 7% and 5% respectively.