Brands operating in niche industries often believe their lack of universal appeal can go against them on Instagram. However, with more than 70 million photos and videos posted on the social network every day, we´d suggest that most businesses could carve out an identity on the platform.


Those favourable statistics keep coming too, as displayed in an infographic on the Sales Force website. Since Instagram came into being in October 2010, users have shared more than 30 billion photos. Those figures are set to accelerate even further following the news that Instagram has recently surpassed Twitter for monthly active users, and now sits around the 300 million mark.




The platform seems to be having the desired effect for brands, with Sales Force quoting that millennial Instagram users, using Canada as the sample, are 58.6% more likely to remember a great branded Instagram account over a TV commercial.

Perhaps that can be attributed to the regularity with which users head back to the site, with 70% of US “Instagramers” stating that they access their account at least once a day.

What is clear, though, is the argument for finding a successful route onto the image-orientated social network -“ even for those specialist firms. Sales Force´s graphic offers up some advice for brands making their first foray onto the platform:


Find the right balance.

Of course, the more photos you post, the more likely you are to grow your reach. However, a series of boring, “nothing” images could see your brand take on the wrong sort of user associations. That said, you´ll need to ensure users know what your firm is all about, so a few business-focused photos won´t go amiss.


Go behind the scenes.

A good way of showcasing your brand is giving followers an online tour of your setup. As well as being a chance to celebrate your staff, it adds a healthy dose of personalisation to your campaign.


Hashtags matter.

The term “hashtag” has almost become too trendy in recent years, but the fact of the matter is that it still plays a crucial part in engagement. Be resourceful with your use of tags, however, as too many can come across as try-hard – “ not what you want on one of the most happening social networks.


Maximise engagement.

There are so many ways you can drive up engagement, but some of the most simple tactics can have the most impressive effect. Just following followers, for example, can do the trick. Or go one further and reward followers with discount codes and promos in return for taking an interest in your brand. Reposting user-generated content shows a certain attentiveness, too.


Of course, there´s plenty of things to avoid on Instagram, but we wouldn’t want to scare you off before you´ve even got started. Rest assured, though, we´ll cover that at a later date, when we discuss fine-tuning your Instagram strategy.


To see the full size high res version of this infographic click here.


SalesForce – Say Cheese: Perfecting your Instagram strategy