December has dawned and even if you’re the type of person that responds to the phrase, “It’s nearly Christmas!” with a very British “Oh, don’t”, it’s time to concede to the fact that the Christmas shopping madness and festive good cheer is about to descend. Well, you know what they say – if you can’t beat ’em…

Of course, in the world of content marketing, it’s never too soon to start thinking about Christmas. In fact, for those in the retail sphere, plans for Christmas probably start sometime after the New Year… and we thought we had cause for complaint when we heard Mariah Carey on the radio in October!

Mariah Carey

The fact of the matter is that Christmas fever captures the nation earlier and earlier – some relish it and some grow increasingly weary of the commercial nature of the holiday. So, to get your content marketing ready for Christmas, you want to hit the right tone that captures the magic and emotion of the season without being overly promotional. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Top tips for your Christmas content marketing:

Spread that Christmas cheer

As stated above, it’s the brands that focus on creating a mood which warms the cockles of your heart that experience more Christmas content success than those that take the hard-sell route. Consider Coca-Cola’s 2014 ‘Make Someone Happy’ campaign which encouraged people to share the love and do good deeds for one another during the Christmas season. Don’t just think about what the material benefit your audience stands to gain, think about the emotional benefits, too.

Coca Cola

Theme your content

As Marketing Tech News points out, “Christmas is a poignant time of year for content, with 72% of British adults predicted to share related content online around the festive season.” Additionally, the report cited research from RadiumOne which revealed that 98 million pieces of Christmas-related content will be shared each day around Christmas and that the average sharer will do so with 11 people in their network. To get those shares, ensure your content is themed in a seasonal manner to tap into the mood of your audience. Have a little fun with it, perhaps employ a bit of nostalgia marketing looking back on classic Christmas films or such like and watch the shares clock up.

Home Alone

Use the power of visuals

Stats from Social Media Today remind us that 74% of consumers are turning to social media to finalise purchase decisions whilst a report by Marketing Land revealed that around 80% of social media browsing now takes place on mobile devices. Catch the eye of your audience with top-notch, seasonal visual content (much like the kind we can supply here at M2 Bespoke), and always ensure that your graphics and videos are fully optimised for mobile consumption.

Push seasonal offers

Despite the fact that the onus should be on the emotion of the season, let’s not forget the fact that nobody can resist a bargain at this time of year. Seasonal discounts or free shipping for a time-limited period need to be carefully worked in amongst all your mood-enhancing Christmas content for maximum effect – do it right and you should see that stock fly off the shelves.

Seasonal offers

The crackers and the turkeys

Marketing Week recently ran an entertaining article chronicling some of the Christmas content crackers and turkeys of the year so far. Of course, John Lewis got a huge thumbs-up but more for the smart and unpredictable move from the sentimentality of years gone by to the comedic and uplifting boxer dog bouncing on a trampoline – it always pays to mix things up. The added bonus of viewers uploading pics of their dogs responding to the ad must have had the John Lewis marketers rubbing their hands in glee.


Asda was one company awarded double turkey status thanks to the cardinal error of focusing on price points rather than the quality of the food – something that everyone knows is of vital importance when creating the ideal family Christmas. Additionally, House of Fraser received a stern head-shake from the Marketing Week team, thanks to their somewhat ominous slogan, “Christmas is coming for you” and their slightly misguided efforts to be all things to all people.

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