We all know that content marketing can make your brand infinitely more attractive to prospective customers. But did you ever stop to consider that it can be used to reel in prospective employees too? In fact, not only can you use your scintillating content to give your recruitment efforts a boost, you can also use it to hang on to the quality workforce you’ve already got.

More than two-fifths of small business owners in the UK have experienced challenges in recruiting the right staff, according to research conducted by Aldermore bank, whilst across the pond, 50% of US small businesses named ‘hiring new employees’ as their biggest problem, according to a survey by Wasp Barcode Technologies. It’s safe to say recruitment is a stressful business all round.

Stressed panda

So, how can your content boost your workforce?

As is always the case when you’re creating content for a particular audience, put yourself in the shoes of your ideal candidate. What sort of working environment would they get all excited about working in? What sort of perks might catch their eye? What kind of culture would they crave to be a part of? Now you can create and share content that showcases the elements of your company that tick all those boxes.

Company culture

Content that wins at recruitment

A picture speaks a thousand words so utilise your social accounts and share regular snapshots of your company offices and staff at work. If working from home is a major perk that you offer, perhaps some creatively shot home workspace snaps would go down well? In fact, why not offer a little incentive to your current employees to hot up a little friendly competition over taking pics that represent your company ethos? You could even provide a theme in true ‘Instagram Challenge’ style.


Content ups the engagement ante

You might well be adept at using visuals and video as part of your content marketing, but just how interactive is your content? A recent report by the Content Marketing Institute found that 81% of content marketers agree that interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content. Additionally, 79% agree that interactive content enhances retention of brand messaging. The figures speak for themselves – interactive content talks so ensure that yours provides that two-way interaction that candidates crave. Whether it’s a 360 degree video tour of the office or a light-hearted quiz to see if prospective employees would fit in with your company culture, interactive content could make your company stand out.

An About Us section that actually tells people something about you

Too many companies have a half-hearted ‘About Us’ section that neglects to offer anything inspirational or unique about the company. Show the human side of your organisation with a gallery of employees, complete with short profile. Choosing a company to dedicate your working life too is a tricky business. Presenting the faces and personalities behind the show-stopping work your company comes out with will help allay any fears that your organisation might look good on paper but is a miserable place to work in the flesh.

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Content starts with your own employees

If you have an enthusiastic team (and if you don’t, then that’s a whole other issue), use them to appeal to new and dynamic employees. Like attracts like, after all! Not only can employees help to generate content, they can share and comment on company content in general, reaching out to their own contacts and groups to spread the word that you’re hiring to the right people, in the right places.

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