If you were to step into the world of content marketing for start-ups, what would you see?

Probably mediocre content. Loads of blogs (but not much else). And a bunch of start-ups that look like they’re trying WAY TOO HARD.

In short, it’s not a pretty picture.

But it’s also completely understandable. After all, start-ups have got a lot on their plates – planning, funding, branding, accounting, training, profit margins. The list goes on. It’s easy to see why ‘create content marketing strategy’ might slip down the to-do list.

But – as every entrepreneur worth their sale knows – start-ups need customers and great people working for them. And one of the best ways to attract both is through amazing content (and a focused, flexible strategy driving it forward).

All bark and no bite?

But all this is easier said than done. Not least, because when it comes to content marketing, the bar is set jaw-droppingly high.

That doesn’t stop some start-ups from diving in head first. But the results are generally all action and no plan. All bark and no bite. Perhaps, all lime and no tequila. Anyway. You get the idea…

And the stats confirm it. According to one study by Ahrefs, 90.63% off content gets zero traffic from Google. Ouch.

Whatever way you look at it: that ain’t great odds. But it’s also far from the end of the story.

Content marketing offers huge benefits to start-ups. When done well.

Compared to traditional PR channels, informative, customer-centric content is a more cost-effective, direct way to get the word out about your start-up.

In fact, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads.

Why content marketing is a great fit for your start-up

Content marketing is a particularly good fit for start-ups. Here’s why a content marketing strategy leads to scalable, organic business growth.

1 Builds trust

The whole point of content marketing is to position yourself as a trusted authority and give customers the information they need to overcome challenges and solve problems. This is particularly important for start-ups that lack the heritage and track record of other, more established businesses. Over time, your content will earn trust and awareness – as long as you keep it consistent, relevant and thoughtful.

2 Creates a personal brand

Content marketing helps you differentiate your brand from the rest and cement it in the minds of your audience. By telling the story of the company’s founder, for instance, you are creating a personal brand and establishing greater validity to your newly-launched product or service. Often, the person behind the business has the experience and credibility needed to instil that all-important confidence in customers.

3 Boosts brand advocacy

Brand advocates are a powerful way to build brand awareness, so the sooner you build a following of advocates, the better. Acting as third-party messengers via social media and word-of-mouth, brand advocates do a lot of the hard work for you. A robust content marketing strategy can help you form this community – and hit the ground running.

4 Works alongside SEO

If you’re working on an SEO strategy, then relevant, quality content can help drive traffic and boost your SEO efforts. Search engine rankings are really important, and focusing on it as part of an overall content strategy can generate impressive results. But reaching those sought-after organic SEO results through human-first, highly-relevant content can take time. So get your skates on and start planning today.

5 Increases reach

Great content is a route to quicker wins on social media and paid campaigns. Having a strategy in place will help increase the reach of content, drive more targeted traffic to your website, whilst also creating an opportunity to capture data.

6 Builds your employer brand

Salary and perks can attract the best people, but company culture and values are just as important in the hiring process. Developing content that showcases the opportunities your start-up offers and tells the ‘why you should work here’ story will get your brand under the noses of your future rock star employees.

7 Keeps things authentic

Content is a great way to tell an authentic story. Enough said, really…

As a smaller company, your start-up is perfectly equipped to lead the way in content marketing. More agile and able to make decisions and build strategy quickly, a focused, flexible strategy and clever implementation can help you stay ahead of the pack.

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