You could call them myths or you could call them down and out lies, but there are a few common misconceptions that we hear time and again from those looking to introduce content marketing into their business strategy.

This isn’t to say that it’s not the right thing to do – according to Curata, 75% of marketers are planning to increase their investment in content marketing – it’s just that it’s important to set realistic expectations instead of simply throwing you and your business in at the deep end.

Of course, we realise as much as anyone that time is money, but setting some of this precious commodity aside to gain a clear picture of what you can expect from your content marketing efforts will ensure you and your team are all on the same page and you don’t feel inconsolable if you’re not raking in a huge upturn in revenue after posting a few blog posts.


So, if you’re trying to suss out how content marketing can work for your business, here are the top five content marketing myths you really shouldn’t believe…

1. Creating quality content is a piece of cake

If we weren’t so laid-back and such, like, generally super chilled dudes, we could almost be offended by this one. It’s surprising how many people think that creating high quality content is an easy task, something to be tagged on to an already overstretched marketing assistant’s duties or hiring any old content mill to churn out what you need. Consistently coming up with great ideas can often be surprisingly tricky – devote some time to hiring great writers, video producers and graphic designers so that you can rely on your content on the mark, every time.


2. The more, the merrier

Once upon a time, traditional SEO practices indicated that a smart move for businesses looking to expand their reach was to churn out more content. However, the times they have a-changed, and today’s changing algorithms prize quality, not just quantity. As a recent Forbes article put it: “one blog post that reaches 100,000 people is always going to be more valuable than 100 blog posts that reach 1,000 each.”

3. Good writers come cheap

The digital marketing world is a competitive one, and to win the battle for audience attention, you need to have the very best soldiers in your ranks. Many businesses new to the content marketing game have unrealistic expectations of the price-point of top tier content. Just as in many other industries, you get what you pay for in content marketing – if you’re determined to prioritise rock-bottom rates over high quality results, you might find yourself cycling through writers at a rather rapid rate or end up wallowing in disappointment at the results.


4. Your content’s for your site only

Of course, you need some content on your blog to drive traffic in your direction. However, there’s no need to get greedy. Instead, consider guest posting content in other places to maximise your reach and get your name out there. Forming links with other brands by offering content for their blog could open you up to new audiences and provide you with new opportunities.

5. You’ll see quick results

Content marketing can take its sweet time to come up trumps. If you’re looking for a quick fix then maybe a tactic like email marketing or PPC is more up your street. However, if you have the right expectations and a clear strategy in place to help you plan, create and promote your content, you will be ticking all the right boxes to start reaping those benefits very soon.


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