The increasing adoption of tablets has had a significant impact both on marketers and consumers, recent analysis from marketing firm M&C Saatchi Mobile suggests.

According to data released by the mobile marketing specialist, the global tablet advertising spend in the UK and US resulted in a four times greater conversion rate than that for mobile phones in the six months between April and October 2012. Moreover, if brands create ads specifically for the tablet audience, conversion rates might exceed five to six times those on mobile phones.

The analysis predicts that by Christmas tablet ad spending will be higher than the budgets for handsets, as brands will be allocating 25% more compared to the amount they are currently directing at tablet ad campaigns. If retailers want to capitalise on the popularity of tablets as a channel they need to fully optimise their websites, so that they provide a comfortable experience across the whole process, Saatchi notes.

Another key finding from the research is that location-based ads are featured in less than one in ten campaigns, because tablet users are presumed to use their devices while at home. However, brands should expect this to change after the launch of the new mini tablets, like iPad Mini, which will allow users to carry their tablet with them more easily.

James Hilton, CEO at M&C Saatchi Mobile, says that the impact of tablets on the marketing industry has exceeded expectations and he believes their prominence will grow further as they become smaller and more affordable.