Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when you log on to your Facebook account and see a flood of images in your News Feed? Rest assured, you´re not alone.

There are more than 250 billion photos published on Facebook at present, with the number spiralling upwards every second. This is according to a white paper I was reading shared by Facebook. They talked about – their campaign to get the whole of the globe using the Internet.

Every day, Facebook users add about 350 million new images. This means that every second, 4,000 pictures are uploaded to Facebook accounts around the globe. By contrast, specialised photo-sharing website Flickr has only 3.5 million new photos added every day, adding up to 8 billion images in total, Mashable informed.

Bearing in mind that Facebook broke the one billion mark in user count not long ago, the fact that it gets heavy traffic is not particularly surprising. However, the actual figures behind the website activity are mind-boggling. According to data published in the white paper, an average of 4.75 billion items of new content are posted on a daily basis, including status updates, comments, images and videos. Overall, the Like button is pushed 4.5 billion times a day and over 10 billion messages are sent.

Facebook seems to be aware of the importance of images for its users and has been focusing on providing them with a smooth experience when uploading and engaging with photos. Recently, it launched its Shared Photo Albums feature, which allows many users to post pictures to the same album, enhancing the social experience, Mashable commented.

By Ben Hollom

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