Visuals for engagementDo you tell a thousand words with your pictures?

In recent times, we´ve witnessed a boom of social channels focusing on images and video, in particular Pinterest and YouTube. The reason? Users are initially attracted to visual content far more than they are to text. This is why images and video are essential for all types of online content, regardless of whether it´s a news article, blog post or product review.

While this may sound like common sense, a surprising number of bloggers still fail to include images in their posts, thinking that once they´ve produced great content, shares will come naturally. But this just isn´t the case, according to an article I read today on Business2Community. Here are a few reasons why visual content is a must:

1. Between 65% and 85% of users describe themselves as ´visual learners´. This means that they´re more likely to understand and remember an idea or a story if it´s displayed through visual stimuli. Pictures, video and infographics are excellent tools to take advantage of.

2. Images are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, suggesting that even if users fail to read your blog post until the end, chances are they´ve taken notice of the images posted alongside it and are more likely to remember them.

3. Visuals drive engagement. Content that contains images generates 84% more views and 94% more clicks than plain text, Business 2 Community reported. On Twitter, where brevity is key, images attract 35% more retweets, data shows.

4. Around two in three consumers believe clear images are very important when they are researching a product, and over three in five are more likely to contact a company if images appear in local search results.

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