Is it time to make your social media strategy more sophisticated?

These days the big question about social media is not whether brands should use it, but how to use it more efficiently. In other words, it is important to move from social media marketing to social business. In order to help brands make this transition, here are some key facts and figures I came across in an article by Business2Community.

One of the most major changes is the shift towards local. Although the overwhelming majority of users look for information online, 97% of them have looked for local businesses on the Internet. Combining this with the fact that modern 20- to 30-year-olds are two to four times more likely than other age groups to turn to social media for advice and recommendations before making a purchase, the importance of reaching users on social platforms is obvious.

Another major factor for social business is the use of online video. Around 700 YouTube links are shared on Twitter every 60 seconds, while every day Facebook users watch the equivalent of 500 years of YouTube videos on the social networking site.

The importance of content shared and posted on social sites is crucial. Business 2 Community explains that the type of content depends on what exactly the brand hopes to achieve. For example, the most effective content types for raising awareness are blog posts, press releases and news articles, whereas newsletters, FAQs and white papers are more effective closer to the tip of the purchase funnel.

Everyone knows they need this sort of online content, but finding time to produce it can be harder than you may initially realise. If you are struggling to produce regular, frequently-updated content, give us a call today. M2 Bespoke are content generation specialists and produce a range of content for a variety of businesses.