Those of you who read my blog last week will know that we have recently returned from PubCon in Vegas, where we saw Google´s Matt Cutts speak.

As the SEO industry changes continuously, it´s not often easy to keep track of what you should do to keep your website close to the top of the search results page. Well, it seems that Matt (we´re on first name terms now) has spoken again this week about SEO developments to help us out a bit.

He claims that, generally speaking, many SEO marketers believe that if they have more indexed pages, they stand a better chance of higher ranking. The number of pages is a factor that can contribute to good ranking but it does not secure a top position for a website per se.

Speaking in a new video posted on YouTube, he explained that a higher number of indexed pages increases the chances for ranking for different keywords. In addition, when you have more pages, there is a good chance that you have a higher total number of links and PageRank, which do have a direct impact on ranking. However, he pointed out that there is no direct benefit for search ranking by simply increasing the pages on a given site.

Regardless of the number of pages to a website, the most important element for ranking is quality content. Providing users with compelling content that they would want to link to is more important than providing more pages. Often, it can be a hard task finding the time to produce this sort of quality content. If you need help generating online content, we at M2 Bespoke are specialists at producing tailored content to a range of industries and sectors. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

By Ben Hollom