Optimising content for SEO

What kind of content does Google like? It´s the question on everybody´s lips.

Although content marketing serves a number of purposes, including establishing a valuable relationship with your potential customers, one of the main objectives is helping your brand rank better in search results. But how do you make your content ´search engine optimised´? An article I came across on Business2Community helped to answer this million-dollar question.

You´re ready to write. But what to write about? Before you begin anything, choose what you want to focus on. Pick a keyword and keep this in mind while you´re writing, including it in the article whenever it sounds natural. It could be a long or a short-tail keyword. If you´re not sure how many times the keyword should appear in the text, try to avoid extremities; not too many and not too few. It basically depends on the length of the text and how in-depth it is.

The next step is to remember the basics of SEO. It´s a good idea to make sure you´ve set up Page Title, Meta Description, Alt Tags and H1 tags before publishing the content. These may be basics indeed, but they can make all the difference.

Finally, don´t forget to be social. Although the actual impact of social signals on search rankings is rather vague at present, most experts would agree that they play a part. So you should post a link to your content on social media channels and encourage sharing, liking and commenting. The higher the engagement, the better visibility and the more traffic to your website or blog.

Ben Hollom

March 13, 2014