What´s the best way to get a retweet?

When brands try to engage with their audience on Twitter, they need to take a lot of things into consideration – the message itself, the 140-character restriction, adding an image, and so on.

A new study I came across by competitive intelligence platform TrackMaven looked into what made users retweet posts. For their research, TrackMaven looked at 1.7 million tweets from more than 1,420 Twitter accounts. Their findings suggest that the most active days for Twitter users are weekdays, with activity peaking on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Theoretically, this would also mean that retweets are more likely to occur on these days, yet the study found a different pattern. The highest retweet rate was recorded on Sundays and the most active time was between 10pm and 11pm Eastern Time.

The use of hashtags is also interesting in relation to retweets. TrackMaven found that a higher number of hashtags increase the chances of being retweeted but, of course, they should be relevant to the message, according to Search Engine Watch.

When it came to pictures used in tweets, the study revealed that images significantly increased retweet rates. On average, those with a picture attached were retweeted 40 times, while those without an image got 13 retweets.

Are you doing all you can to ensure a retweet?

By Ben Hollom