We all know that content is king and that creating high-quality content is the single most important aspect of long-term SEO. However, coming up with fresh ideas to continually produce valuable and unique content may be a bit of a challenge.

I believe the key is in variety. Not only would users be intrigued to see content of different types, but marketers would also have various options to pool from. Take infographics, for example – they are fun, easy to read and very sharable. As a result, they are turning into the hottest trend in content marketing. According to experts quoted by Business 2 Community, the demand for infographics is growing by 1% every day!

Another reason why you should consider including infographics in your content marketing mix is the fact that they are very easy to consume and process. Since 90% of information sent to the brain from the world around us is visual, it´s no wonder that people like infographics – they just find them easier to understand. In addition, the majority of users are visual learners, meaning that they are more likely to remember information that they see.

And that´s not all – infographics are actually perfectly built for SEO. If you decide to include an embed code for other marketers, your site might see a positive change in rankings. Because infographics are typically very content specific and highly targeted, most of the links generated from them are very relevant.

Last but not least, infographics are very versatile. Because of their flexible format and structure, they are suitable for all types of content, including stats, tips and explanations.

Saying this, infographics should not be your main focus until you have your written content sorted. Written content is, after all, the key driver for both SEO and brand awareness. Once this is in place, marketers can focus on videos, infographics, animations etc. to capture their users´ attention and enhance their written content further. However, coming up with relevant, unique content on a regular basis is not as easy and you might think. That´s what we do here at M2 Bespoke; we produce quality-written, engaging content to a wide variety of sectors. Why not call us today to learn more about our online content services?

By Ben Hollom