Interactive content marketingHere at M2 Bespoke, we love written content. You just feel better nourished when you’ve read a compelling book or an informative article, than you do from, say, watching a video. However, we know full-well that it’s not enough to just produce written content. People want variation and more snackable content, therefore it’s down to us to oblige.

One of the most interesting new ways of engaging customers is through interactive content, which is seen by many as the solution to ensuring customers make it through to the end of your offering, in this age of dwindling attention spans.

Receding attention span is not the only thing we as content marketers have to compete with, of course, with a myriad of distractions also seeking to take customers away from your website.

So what sort of interactive content can we deploy to keep eyes front and centre? MarketingProfs offers some examples:

1. Interactive infographics

We’ve long been huge admirers of the infographic. They’re visually appealing and harbour lots of interesting information, making them perfect to share. However, as Olivia Newton-John would testify, it is possible to make a good thing better.

Here’s why: When you browse an infographic, watch what you do with the cursor. If you’re anything like us, it will follow your eye. So, if you were to make your infographics interactive, allowing users to click on images to reveal more information, this should – in theory – give you a better chance of directing users around your website.

2. Quizzes

For evidence of how good quizzes are at increasing and maintaining engagement, head over to BuzzFeed. The publication, which has an entire tab dedicated to quizzes, has built much of its success on its topical and humorous quizzes. It’s time for brands to adopt the tactic.

Not only are quizzes a sure-fire way of getting users to consume a piece of content in its entirety (who starts a quiz and doesn’t finish it?) and helping drive new traffic to your website, they can help you gather new personal information over time. This data can then be applied into future marketing endeavours. Nothing quite incites engagement quite like a quiz. It’s the curiosity factor innate in all of us, isn’t it?

3. Interactive E-Books

Some would have you believe that e-books and white papers don’t stand a chance in 2016. However, as we detailed in our post on making the most of your white paper, the key to getting a lengthier piece of content read lies in making it palatable for your audience.

As well as breaking your white paper down into short blog posts, you might see some value in guiding your readers through the piece with a series of prompts that require them to take action as they move through the different sections.

Even something as simple as ending each section with a series of questions about the text that came before them can act as incentive for readers to pay closer attention.

4. Interactive video

Video by its very nature is engaging for audiences. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever grow tired of video (never say never, I guess). However, even videos are a relatively static medium which don’t offer much scope for viewer participation – unless you add in interactive hotspots and tag some of the things on display in the video, that is.

This gives viewers the opportunity to find out more about what is described in the video (your products, we’re guessing), without having to go via the ultimate distraction (Google) in order to do so.

This obviously isn’t a finite list of interactive content ideas. What examples of interactive content do you think would work well for B2C companies?