Are you taking advantage of local optimisation?

According to a new report I came across from technology provider SIM Partners, businesses that use simple, local SEO tactics can significantly improve their Google visibility.

The report said that, prior to implementing their local SEO tactics, the 315 businesses that were involved in the research had a relatively modest performance. Before optimisation, 26% of the businesses┬┤ combinations ranked in the top seven positions, while just 8% of combinations ranked at one of the two top positions. Overall, the study monitored businesses┬┤ performance for a total of 4,149 keywords and city combinations.

According to SIM Partners, after the optimisation, visibility was dramatically improved. For instance, targeted combinations that were indexed in the top seven positions in search rose by 179%, while the increase for the top two positions was 399%. Meanwhile, rankings between third and fifth positions went up 97%. At the same time, the proportion of targeted combinations that were not indexed in the top seven positions dropped 62%, to only 28% of all targeted combinations.

The SEO tactics that were used in the study and led to these results included: setting a custom business description for each location, adding extra information to the listing identity (such as images and videos), removing duplicate listings on Google and other websites, selecting third-party websites with authority on Google, and optimising third-party listings. These listings were also modified so that they could rank for both long- and short-tail search terms, Search Engine Land reported.

The main driver behind Google visibility, however, is still frequently-updated, relevant content. If you are having trouble producing online content yourself, we can help. M2 Bespoke are content generation experts and can provide you with tailored content to suit your business┬┤ needs. Contact us today and see how we can help.

By Ben Hollom