No one likes a show off, but we are unashamedly blowing our own trumpet this week since we found out the news that *drumroll please*… M2 Bespoke won the Happiest Workplace in Bath!

But enough about that. For now.

Happy workplace

The survey got me thinking (uh-oh) about the elements behind a happy workplace and why employee well-being is so important. Lots of articles talk about the positive effect on productivity levels (the University of Warwick found that happiness boosts productivity levels by 12%), and while this is undoubtedly a bonus to any business, happiness at work can have so many other benefits.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” Jack Nicholson repeats to himself in the 1980 horror film, The Shining. And whilst Nicholson’s character is nothing short of a deranged psychopath, he’s got a point…


There are so many ways to make employees happy and inject some fun into the workplace – whether team appreciation is shown through group brunches and lunches, days out or post-work trips to the pub, we’ve found that creating opportunities for socialising is key.

Work/life balance

This work/life balance people keep banging on about? They do so with good reason. We try to work around our employees’ lives as much as possible, particularly those with family commitments. If it works better to start early and finish early, or work from home on certain days, being flexible and fair with staff is another way to keep them happy at work.

What happens when you have a happy office?

When a workforce is happy, several things happen as a result. While I’m not saying a happy office is immune to colds, coughs and the flu, it does avoid the top reason for long-term absence from work: stress.

Similarly, a happy employee is likely to stay with your business for the long-term. Not only will this encourage staff continuity and allow you to retain their knowledge and expertise, but you’ll also negate both recruitment and training expenses that are associated with a high employee turnover.

As well as this, a happy workplace is like a magnet for other people within your industry. When someone catches wind through word-of-mouth that your office is happy and theirs isn’t, who can blame them for wanting to up sticks?

Proud of our happy workplace

The award ceremony, which took place on the 20th July at the Herman Miller headquarters in Chippenham, was a fantastic event – not only did we get to mingle with some of the other happiest workplaces in the South West, we were also fascinated by some of the stats revealed in the speeches. For example, did you know that those who sit next to a window at work are, on average, likely to sleep for 45 more minutes a night than those who don’t see natural daylight? Interesting stuff!

The competition, organised by interior design consultancy Wylde IA, attracted more than 300 entries, so we were more than chuffed to come away with the award for Happiest Workplace in Bath – which is now in pride of place in the office. The awards were designed to champion organisations in our region that go the extra mile for their staff – and we like to think we do just that.