Want to know what NOT to do when it comes to social media?

With social media firmly established as a key marketing channel, the vast majority of businesses have developed their social platform strategies. However, there are still a number of mistakes marketers make which could be undermining the effect of their marketing efforts, according to a post I was reading on Business 2 Community this morning.

One of the most common mistakes that brands make on social sites is to forget that they should still act as a person and treat others as human beings, too. For example, if users like a brand´s page or tweet about it, they should be thanked. Or if there is an industry conversation going on, it could be a good idea for the brand to chime in and offer an expert opinion. Don´t be scared to show some brand personality.

Another common mistake is when brands neglect conversation and relationships to invest all efforts into direct promotions. While social activity could bring immense benefits to businesses, a brand page should mostly be about interaction with users. That is why brands should try to restrict the number of posts directly related to them and instead offer information or entertainment.

Loyal relationships are based on trust, and this is vital for brands. One of the worst things they can do is mislead or deceit on social sites. Sometimes, trying to stay ahead of the competition, brands may be tempted to offer just a little bit more. But when users find out brands are not 100% truthful, they are bound to say this out loud.

Just as brands should be honest, they should also let users be frank and express their opinion freely, even if it is negative. By deleting or filtering comments and conversations, a brand shows users that it cannot be trusted and that it does not take users´ complaints seriously. Instead, respond in a helpful and polite manner.

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