Online video marketing is without doubt going to play a major role in company advertising over the next few months, but the way it works might go through some important changes. According to social video marketing platform Unruly Media, new technology will be the main driver to these changes, and marketers should take note of the following predictions in a bid to stay relevant in 2014.

New tools and platforms emerging in 2014 will support the trends for both content and real-time marketing. More brands will become experts in their niche area of practice, and will focus on their delivery of content, attempting to steal consumerĀ“s attention away from competitors.

Other innovations such as wearable tech will continue to expand, as brands increasingly embrace them and utilise this new marketing opportunity, Unruly says.

When it comes to the development of trends that emerged in 2013, mobile and social are most likely to stay the most influential. Mobile is predicted to become first choice for many consumers. Marketers should shift their perceptions of mobile advertisements from being a marginal channel of engagement to the centre of their brand strategy, as mobile video is forecast to grow 25 times between 2011 and 2016.

Social video advertising is also an area to concentrate on, particularly short videos, such as the limits imposed on Vine and Instagram. There seems to be huge consumer demand for such content, and engagement rates are much higher compared to other forms of marketing, Unruly found.