Why not branch out to include evergreen articles as part of your online content?

Whilst up-to-date news is a must in terms of content marketing, evergreen articles are not time-sensitive. Examples of evergreen content include ´how to…´ guides and ´tips on…´ features. Evergreen articles on your website or blog are a key factor for driving traffic in the long-term. However, deciding what type of content is relevant to your target audience is not easy.

In a bid to help marketers deal with this challenge, Econsultancy has a few tips to offer:

1. Think about what you want people to know you for. The content you publish is all about your brand and is supposed to be available for a long time.

2. Keep an eye on trends. Do your homework and use Google Trends as an early sign of major developments. This will keep you ahead of your game.

3. Evergreen content may not need frequent updates but still needs to feel fresh. Plan ahead and, as mentioned, try to avoid time-sensitive content. Review your content at certain intervals to make sure nothing has turned stale.

4. Your content does not have to appeal to all users. On the contrary – the more niche you go, the more relevant it will be for your target audience. Analyse your customers and provide unique content that matters to them.

5. Analyse your success. Monitor which posts attracted most traffic and see what was special about them. Were they extensively shared on social sites? Did you use a different approach when writing them? Try to identify the best parts and replicate them.

6. Be careful with dates. Avoid putting time markers such as “last month” or “this summer”; these can expose old content. However, don´t be afraid to include dates like Valentine´s Day and Mothers´ Day; content related to them is relevant every year, and drives huge traffic.

7. Make users ´feel´ the post. Whether you shock your users, touch them, or make them laugh, eliciting emotions is the best way to make users relate to you.

M2 Bespoke produce all sorts of online content – from blogs, to news feeds, to evergreen articles. We realise that, whilst keeping up with the day-to-day running of a business, finding time to produce regular online content can be a challenge. Our evergreen articles tick all of the boxes above; they are interesting and useful to the reader, as well as being engaging and relevant. The beauty of evergreen articles is that they don´t go out-of-date easily, so they can remain on your website or be used for other marketing material. To read more, take a look at the evergreen services we offer and get in touch today.

By Ben Hollom