Trending contentThere are plenty of pros to producing evergreen content when it comes to designing your content marketing campaign. It doesn’t have an expiry date (so to speak) so can be counted on as a solid strategy for reeling in readers weeks, months and even years after it has been crafted and published. Evergreen content helps you play the long game with your content marketing, leading traffic to your website and building authority over time – that’s why it’s considered to be one of the best ways to gain a return on investment.

However, to focus solely on evergreen posts and ignore content which makes a statement on timely topics and current news trends is certainly a pitfall to avoid. If you pick your trending topics with care and act fast to ensure your content has maximum impact, these types of posts can be an excellent tactic to gain a spike in traffic. The Content Marketing Institute recently suggested that successful websites tend to split content between evergreen and trending content 60-40 in order to reap the benefits of both, although of course it depends on your audience and industry.

So, what do we mean by trending topics? In a nutshell, any topic or piece of news that has set social media ablaze with thoughts, opinions and excitement ought to do it. But how do you harness the power of trending content before it slips through your fingers and becomes the digital equivalent of yesterday’s newspaper? Here are a few useful tools to help you pinpoint trending topics and craft killer content:

1. DrumUp – social media is your friend

Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest social communities out there and consequently were born to help your business identify trending content. Twitter Trends are personalised to your interests and are identified with keywords, the mighty hashtag or a recent post or event. In comparison, Facebook flags up the ‘most shared’ stories or ‘most commented on’ topics from all over the globe.

The Content Marketing Institute recommends DrumUp, a nifty tool which utilises three of the biggest social platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – to discover popular content based on keywords you choose. Just like that, it creates a useful, personalised feed for you to stay on top of the latest and most popular stories so that you can share, craft responses and keep your finger on the trending topics pulse. This tool can also email you daily updates detailing top trending content in order to guide your posts. And the best thing about DrumUp? It’s free.

2. Buzzsumo – find out what your audience and competitors are sharing

You’ve got an idea of your topic, now how do you figure out your angle? Turns out we’re not the first to ask that question as the useful tool BuzzSumo helps to clarify this. Simply type in a topic or have a nosy at a competitor’s website and you can discover the most popular topics on those sites and how often they are getting shares across all the social platforms. This will help you to figure out which concepts are getting the most love and how you can avoid the mistakes of your competitors. Buzzsumo is excellent for helping you shape your content to match the popular trends.

3. Quora – find out what your audience is asking

Question site Quora is one of the best sites out there to discover what it is your target audience wants to know right now. Type in a subject and you can gain access to all the trending questions on a particular subject – just the thing for clearing those writers’ block cobwebs and offering ideas for lots of juicy topics. You know that your content is going to provide value because you are answering the hot questions that your audience want solved.

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