True shot video

They can increase landing page conversion rates by 80%. Adding one into an email results in a 200%- 300% rise in click-throughs. And by 2020, they will account for 75% of global mobile data traffic. I am, of course, talking about videos.

Video isn’t the future, it’s the ‘now’ of content marketing and leveraging it can be an immensely powerful way to promote, grow and bolster your brand. Are you a new company craving exposure? Want to reach out to a new audience? Eager to improve your rep? Video holds the answer (provided you get it right).

Show your true brand

There are many ways to make your brand truly stand out. Animated infographics can grab the attention of your audience, white papers and thought leadership content offer people detailed, informative resources; however, if you’re keen on building that all-important brand affinity, adding true shot video into your content mix is a must.

True shot video is pretty much what it says on the tin – a clip featuring real people, real backgrounds and real props. And because it’s ‘real life’, there’s a greater chance viewers will empathise with the people in it, as well as with your brand.

Some of the many ways true shot video can be used effectively include:

  • Who are we? – Grant viewers VIP access to the workings of your company and show your human side, which builds trust and encourages loyalty (here’s one the M2 Bespoke team made earlier for Big Red Recruitment).
  • Product demos – Build hype around a new product with an explainer vid, which also gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise.
  • Testimonials – People trust their peers more than they do brands, there’s no changing that. But you can use this to your advantage by enlisting the help of happy customers willing to share their experiences on camera (just like this, also put together by us).
  • Case study – In a similar vein to testimonials, you can use video to show (not tell) the story of a customer using your product or service – and to demonstrate how they’re all the more better for it.
  • Events – Prove that you’re on top of your game by giving your audience a sneak peak of what you got up to at a recent, industry-reacted event.

I could go on…but ultimately, the key to success is using true shot video to open the door to your business, services, employees and/or products in a relatable way that’ll engage, and resonate with, your target audience.

The bigger picture

Of course, just like any snippet of content, your video has to slot in with your overall marketing objectives – it’s one piece of the pie. So, for instance, it can be used to support and bolster an upcoming campaign, working together with inspiring blog posts, social posts and infographics. Here are some brands that have nailed video in the past:


This video was created to support Dove’s Choose Beautiful campaign, inspiring women to feel more beauty-confidence. It did receive some backlash initially but the video, which involves the public, quickly gained viral status. Notice how there isn’t a body wash in sight…


Intel inspired viewers with its ‘Meet the Maker’ series, with each video honing-in on one person using its tech to make the world a better place. Here’s the uplifting tale of 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee, prototyping and building an affordable braille printer to assist the blind.


Taking advantage of the public’s obsession with all-things-fluffy, the team at BuzzFeed created the immensely entertaining Puppyhood video to promote Purina’s Poppy Chow dog food, which is subtly promoted in the clip. It also forms part of the brand’s Puppyhood campaign, with the site claiming to be the ‘go-to place for all things puppy.’


GoPro have been at the top of their video marketing game since day dot (which you’d hope, being a video camera brand). Long associated with extreme, outdoor endeavours, this video – Fireman Saves Kitten – reveals a whole new side to the brand, while giving new meaning to its ‘Hero3’ cam.

Finding its place in the marketing journey

The types of video that work best for you will depend on your brand’s personality, the personas you are targeting, your marketing goals and the product or service you’re promoting.

Another thing to note is that different types of video work for each stage of the sales funnel. As an example, educational videos work well at the top, helping you attract new audiences by offering a solution to their problem. This will tee-up your brand as expert, encouraging viewers to find out more about it.

Mid-funnel, you’ll want to start introducing a product or service as a solution to their problem in an explainer vid, showcasing it (and your brand) in an engaging way. Then, right at the bottom of the funnel, when you’ve cemented trust and gained respect from your audience, you can start to share more brand-focused videos like case studies, testimonials and demos.

A lot to take in? Whether you’re interested in creating a series or a standalone video to begin with, why not hand over production to an expert agency? The M2 Bespoke team have experience working with brands of all sizes across all industries and can take full control of your project from start to finish. Get in touch today for a chat.