The role of video in social marketing has grown over the past few years, as it proved to be among the most powerful tools for consumer engagement. Many brands have adopted video in their social video marketing strategies and are now reaping the benefits.

As a result, the potential of video has become obvious to the major players on the social media market and Twitter did not wait long to react. The micro-blogging platform has recently announced that it took over Vine, a video service for mobile devices. The service can be used to make short video clips which can then be shared on Twitter. Similar to tweets, the videos are also quite short — not longer than six seconds, in fact.

The app is free and can be used on iPod and iPhone devices. According to a post on Twitter´s official blog, Vine will be launched on other platforms too and the release of the service for Google Android, for instance, will not be far away.

Michael Sippey, vice president of product at Twitter, wrote in the blog that the relatively short videos would inspire creativity. Twitter is looking forward to seeing what its users can create now that they have the option to capture motion and sounds, he said.

The new app will certainly give marketers the chance to harness their creative powers to provide users with a new experience, so it is only a matter of time to see what they are capable of doing.