A number of recent studies highlight the immense importance of mobile strategies, most notably the advantages of having a mobile-optimised website. The findings show a massive increase in mobile web use since 2009 and draw attention to the fact that companies slacking in the mobile department are letting slip opportunities to make money. Mobi UK, which provides businesses with the tools to build mobile websites, stresses the findings of these studies in an announcement about its latest offerings.

According to research from QuBit, mid-sized UK enterprises lose an average £5m a year because of sites that are not fully optimised for mobile use. Having a properly built site could help companies boost their revenues by 12%, QuBit says. Meanwhile, the latest report from StatCounter notes that mobile Internet use has doubled every year since 2009. There is also research from Microsoft Tag, which forecasts that mobile devices will overtake desktop computers in 2014 in terms of Internet use. Last year, over half of all local searches were conducted on a mobile device, Microsoft Tag said. Morgan Stanley has also joined the choir, predicting that within five years more people will be accessing the Internet through mobile devices compared to the number using desktop computers for that purpose.

Tyrone Lindsey, chief executive of Mobi UK, said that the situation invites comparisons with the early 1990s, when the Internet was starting to move into the mainstream. At that time many companies failed to react promptly and paid the price for their tardiness. Businesses may have even more to lose now as mobile devices are on track to become the preferred means of accessing the web, Lindsey added.