(M2 BespokeNews) – At a time when much depends on a successful digital marketing strategy, a new survey reveals that 58% of UK digital marketers admit to not being “on trend” in the matter of keywords.

This leaves 42% that consider themselves “on trend”, meaning they are aware which words and phrases will produce the best search results for marketing campaigns.

But Hydra, the software-as-a-service marketing technology provider behind the poll, also established that 55% of the 300 participants were at a loss as to which keywords are investment-worthy. This is an alarming admission given the vital role keywords play in search engine optimisation, which in turn ensures a high ranking in search results.

Hydra´s survey is part of a white paper project dubbed “Where to begin – the discovery phase”. The group notes that digital marketers often lack the resources to conduct extensive research into possible words and word combinations consumers will type when they search for products and services online. However, keyword research ultimately determines the success of the marketing initiative, making a company´s merchandise or services highly visible or relegating them to the neglected mass of low-ranked search results. While investment in extensive keyword research is costly, ignoring it can be even costlier since vendors will not be able to make the most of online opportunities, Hydra says.

By way of advice, the white paper suggests that researchers start with a “discovery phase”, whose aim is to establish what words consumers will favour in their search. This phase makes it possible to achieve campaign objectives within budget and in a reasonable amount of time, Hydra claims.