Underdog Content MarketingBenjamin Franklin may have said the only two certain things in life are death and taxes, but we’d like to add another to the list: the fact that nobody can resist a good underdog story. After all, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you couldn’t fail to notice the story of a little football club from the West Midlands that’s in the process of conquering the Premier League and pulling off one of the most unexpected triumphs in the history of the game. And the public got behind them. Even fans of other teams have had to offer up their (albeit grudging) respect. Even people that up until a few weeks ago didn’t know their offside from their backside started rooting for them to win.

If we need any more proof that the public embrace the underdog, take a look at the tortoise smashing the hare when he thought the race was in the bag. Or David smashing the giant Goliath with a puny rock and a nifty homemade sling. Or Apple, set up in a garage in 1976 before going on to surpass top dog Microsoft in sales.

The underdog represents hope, justice and the triumph over adversity – and it always involves smart-thinking, perseverance and dogged determination in the face of what appears to be an uphill battle. Much in the same way that the SME can feel when competing with larger brands and their significantly more substantial marketing budgets.

It’s important to be aware that when you’re up against stiff competition it isn’t just enough to be better – it’s about getting your target audience to believe that you are better.

Here are a few things a little content marketing magic can do to help an underdog brand stand out from the crowd and prove they are a force to be reckoned with:

1. Build brand awareness

Well-crafted content that offers your target audience the answers to their questions, solutions to their problems and informative news on subjects they are interested in will focus their attention on your brand. By providing regular, valuable content, your brand will become linked in the mind of the consumer to the industry. Use case studies or alternatives to text such as video in order to engage consumers and showcase your brand.

2. Prove you can be trusted

Following on from above, the more familiar consumers become with your brand through your supply of consistent, useful and interesting content, the more you will build trust with your target audience. Thought leadership pieces that demonstrate your authority in your industry make your brand credible and offer reassurance to potential customers that they can turn to you to meet their needs.

3. Communicate your USPs

Content marketing can help your underdog brand communicate it’s USPs to the world. Appealing, relevant content grabs hold of the reader’s attention and provides a platform to showcase what’s so special about your company and what your customers can expect should they choose to purchase your goods or services.

4. Start small but think big

It can be a test of patience starting out in the world of content marketing, but even the smallest company can take the first steps needed to produce long-term results. Think quality over quantity with careful planning, clear goals and carefully optimised, shareable content that’s fine-tuned to appeal to your target audience. Use analytics to track your popular posts and as you learn and grow more successful you can scale up your efforts in time.

5. Build a community

Quality content and social media go hand-in-hand. Creating a social presence and managing your accounts effectively provides you with one of the best direct links to your target audience you could wish for. Knowing which platform works best for your audience and understanding their social media habits will enable you to share your content effectively, engage with consumers and hopefully encourage others in your community to promote you to their followers too.

So, take a tip from the boys in blue and embrace the challenge of upsetting those 5000 to 1 odds. Need a bit of assistance? Contact us at M2 Bespoke to find out how we can help your content marketing stand out from the crowd.