Outsourcing fuels contentFor the driven entrepreneur who has managed to successfully launch and manage a business, the idea of outsourcing might initially be approached with distrust. After all, you started your company; you know it inside out; why should you release the reins of any department to an external company when you can take care of it all yourself? Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone.

Research released last year by the Content Marketing Institute showed that, although 88% of UK marketers use content marketing with 76% of respondents producing more content than they did a year previously, over half of the UK respondents (53%) did not choose to outsource their content creation, preferring instead to keep this responsibility in-house.

But is this the right decision to make for the SME who may not have the larger budget and extensive manpower of some of the bigger enterprises they are up against? Are the aforementioned 53% of content marketers actually missing a trick?

The research revealed the three top challenges faced by UK content marketers. At number one we have the time factor with 66% of respondents citing the time-consuming nature of content creation as a key concern. Producing enough content came in second with 46% rating this as their biggest bug-bear; and finally, 44% chose the production of engaging content to be the toughest challenge.

This, of course, is where outsourcing your content comes in. Not only does outsourcing put paid to these challenges but it can additionally offer a few other benefits for the savvy SME to reap…

1. Saves money

Outsourcing content creation as opposed to hiring employees to take care of business in-house means you can cut costs in recruitment, benefits and/or any special training your staff might need to undergo to get to grips with this added responsibility. You can also avoid the hassle of hiring seasonal workers for peak business times, instead just ramping up your content activity through a discussion with your content creation company.

2. Adds specialist knowledge

Let’s face it, those that live and breathe content on a day-to-day basis are going to have a much better grasp of what works than you might. If you are trying to keep your company blog up-to-date yet aren’t familiar with the world of blogging or SEO, delegating to the experts might be the way forward to ensure your content remains consistent, high quality, properly optimised and gains the visibility required to boost your reputation as a thought leader in your specific industry.

3. Provides a clear content strategy

In order to get the most out of the time and money you are willing to put into your content marketing, a clear and well-documented strategy is a must. However, only 42% of UK marketers say they have a documented content strategy and a further 10% aren’t sure whether they do or not. Never a good sign. A content creation company can help clarify your goals and plan your content correspondingly in order to help you achieve them.

4. Reach a wider audience

Outsourcing to the right company can ensure that your excellent content does not go unnoticed. The best content marketing firms may offer the option of helping you manage your social channels, ensuring your content is seen by the right groups and generates discussions amongst the right people – all without you having to lift a finger.

5. Experiment with different types of content

With UK marketers using more content marketing tactics than North American and Australian marketers (social media, blogs, website articles and eNewsletters being the most popular choices), you might consider experimenting yourself to see what route works best for your company. Outsourcing to content specialists means you can avoid the hassle of trying to create different types of content in-house without letting any opportunities pass you by.

6. Develop a strong relationship

Choosing the right content marketing company to work with means you have the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with a specialist team that will get to know your business and industry in-depth. Finding any old writer to take care of your blog is one thing; finding a content creation team striving to deliver the very best results for your business whilst freeing you up to focus on other priorities? Priceless.