Video-sharing platform YouTube is reported to be considering introducing a subscription service, with a number of channels requiring a monthly fee from users in order to be able to view the content.

The Google-operated website is planning to roll out the paid service later this year but subscriptions will only be available for limited channels, leaving the majority of videos freely accessible, Reuters informed, quoting AdAge. Although the announcement has not been officially confirmed by YouTube, the changes are in line with the recent overhaul of the platform which encourages users to subscribe to more channels.

YouTube´s premium content is predicted to range between $1 and $5 per month and certain videos are likely to be made available on a pay-per-view basis, with users charged once only to see them. Currently, YouTube is only making money from advertisements that appear alongside videos that users are viewing.

The video-sharing site is the world´s largest platform of its kind. Although it is vastly based on amateur, home-shot videos, in recent years various channels have been gaining popularity, including business and professional videos. Speaking to Reuters last year, YouTube´s boss Salar Kamangar said that there is a great demand from a number of video producers for paid subscriptions becoming available on the site, especially for specific content such as video gaming networks.