Case Studies

That moment when someone’s so close to buying something... all they need is a gentle nudge. A case study might be just the thing.

The humble case study punches well above its weight when it comes to conversions.

Videos, blogs and infographics can hog the content marketing limelight. But there’s growing evidence that case studies have perfected the art of persuasion.

By showing a prospective customer how your company has helped customers in the past, they bring your experience and expertise to life.

Just enough to seal the deal.

Do case studies work?


Humans tend to flock together. And case studies offer exactly the type of social proof we need
before committing. 

Some of the most successful content marketers swear by them. 73% included case studies in their content marketing efforts over the past 12 months. While more than 30% use them as a primary marketing media.

Different case study formats


We all absorb information in different ways. So it makes sense that case studies should come in different guises:

  • Video: We all recognise the power of video. Case studies are no exception. 55% of large businesses use video to showcase their case studies. Plus it makes them super-shareable on your socials, website, and emails.
  • Infographic: A punchy way to highlight key information and explore customers’ biggest pain points, infographics are visual, interactive and keep the reader’s attention.
  • Written: A written case study can be used on its own or alongside another format. It allows you to dive further into the narrative, providing even more compelling evidence, quotes and detail.

What makes a successful case study? 


More in depth than customer reviews and testimonials, case studies are often overlooked. Which is a shame. Because they’re more than the sum of their parts.

A carefully-created case study will: 

  • Speak directly to your audience
  • Show how you’ve solved problems like theirs in the past 
  • Establish a sense of trust
  • Showcase some of your best work
  • Position you as the hero of the hour

For a successful case study, the starting point is data. The end result is a persuasive, credible story that’s sincere, not smug.

What’s the Q Content approach?


At Q Content we can help you:

  • Collate data: Data is what’s needed to capture readers’ attention. So, we start by gathering as much information as possible to ensure the story is told to maximum effect.  
  • Establish the right format(s): We will advise on how best to tell that storythrough video, graphics, words or a combination of media. The right formats will keep your readers’ attention for longer (or at least long enough to make the sale)
  • Tell your story: The classic problem-solution-results formula for case studies isn’t necessarily right for your story. It might be better to convey it differently. We’ll show you how.

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