Content Audits

Online content is alive. A work in progress. An evolving entity. And that makes it really rather needy. So much so, it requires
near-constant attention.

At any given moment, there’s at least one piece of content on your website that needs attention.

It’s not ideal; it’s just the way of the (digital) world. A content audit ensures you manage that process effectively, helping you understand what content needs to be reviewed next.

What is a content audit?


Reviewing web content is a continual cycle. A content audit helps you with that decision-making process. By creating an inventory of your website’s pages, you can see what’s performing well. And, more to the point, what’s not. 

An audit can tell you whether to:

  • Ditch? Some content can almost certainly be deleted
  • Keep? If it ain’t broke, and all that…
  • Improve? What content can be made better?
  • Add to? Identify any gaps in your content offering
  • Consolidate? See what content can be repurposed or merged with other content

5 benefits of auditing your content


An audit helps inform your content strategy, creating a roadmap for future content creation. Benefits include:

  • Data-driven insight: You make decisions based on fact, not assumptions
  • Content and SEO opportunities: You identify high-performing content and repurposing options
  • Better search engine ranking: Google will deem your content more relevant (and rank it higher)
  • A better reader experience: Stale content is suddenly transformed into something your customers can’t get enough of
  • Easy ongoing maintenance: You will have a clear, actionable plan of what is needed in the future

When you need a content audit


Regular content audits are a must. But you should also consider running a content audit if:

  • Your organic traffic is down: Generally not an easy problem to solve, but a little digging into page performance can move you in the right direction
  • Your website is a few years old: If you want to be seen as an authority, you need web content that is relevant. And that means up-to-date content
  • You’re doing a website redesign/migration: A content audit will help you declutter and consolidate what’s on your website
  • You’ve exhausted every avenue: Feel like you’ve said everything there is to say on your brand, product or service? An audit will fire up those creative juices
  • You’re lagging behind the competition: One minute, you’re top of the Google rankings. Next, someone else is. How? They audited your site, that’s how. Time to fight fire with fire

What’s the Q content approach?


A content audit it is, then. The only thing is audits are time-consuming. Crucial, but ridiculously

So why not get someone else to do the work for you?

Enter: Q Content. We’re more than happy to get our hands dirty.

Once we’ve established your goals, we’ll turn our attention to your content:

  • Gathering it: Creating an inventory of the content to be reviewed
  • Categorising it: Ensuring the audit meets your needs
  • Analysing data: Assessing the data according to your goals
  • Sharing insights: Creating an action plan that will help you keep content in check going forward

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