Not only should your content read well, it should also travel well.

Your audience – wherever they are in the world – wants content that speaks to them clearly and accurately.

When your business is ready to reach new, larger audiences, don’t let the language barrier get in your way. If your content is in English, it will be understood by less than 20% of the world’s population. Translation is the way to go.

Lost in translation? Don’t go there


We know what you’re thinking. When you need content in a different language, just pop it into Google Translate.

But there’s only so much a translation tool can do. 

Words? Sure. But nuance? Tone of voice? Impact? You’ll be lucky.

For your message to truly resonate around the world, you need humans, not robots. 

And when we say humans, we mean local-speaking humans who are experienced writers and professional translators. 

5 benefits of human translation


Whoever or wherever your audience, they want content that’s relevant, valuable and engaging. 

Human translation will give them all that. Machines won’t. Here’s why:

1. Accuracy: Machine translation is fast, but it’s not accurate. Humans are able to consider context and nuance and inject rationality and logic, too.

2. Creativity: No one wants to read a word-for-word machine translation. Humans can add creativity to the content by going deeper into the meaning and tone.

3. Cultural sensitivity: Every culture is different, and these cultural points of reference are woven into our language. Humans can add cultural nuance. Because the last thing you want to do is to offend anyone.

4. Expertise: Human translators are subject matter experts who can communicate technical jargon and make information more accessible.

5. Quality: To ensure consistency, multiple (human) translators will review and edit each document to perfection.

At Q Content we only use translators who tick all the boxes. So, they’ve got to:

  • Love language
  • Write beautifully
  • Translate with passion
  • Get across subtle nuances and tone 
  • Know their stuff (culturally and geographically)

How can Q Content help?


At Q Content we can help you maximise your content so it’s heard far and wide.

We translate new or existing content – whether that’s infographics, video, or blogs – to spread your message around the world. Contact us today using the form below. 


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