Fostering engagement on Facebook

“That´s my business´s Facebook page set up: job done”. Not quite. For those serious about generating some value out of their firm´s Facebook page, that´s just the start. The regularity with which a brand´s Facebook page is updated can be a deciding factor on whether a consumer chooses your company over another – with social media-savvy brands seen to be more customer focused.

If that has you muttering “Oops”, you´ll be reassured to know that all is not lost. With the number of people using social networks going only one way – and with nearly one in four people worldwide logging on – now is the time to get active with your Facebook page.

Over the weekend I came across an article on the Business2Community website which offers some timely tips on how to do just that:

1. Keep your page “on-brand”. Make sure the images and style of your Facebook page are coherent and identifiable with your website.

2. Seek out share-to-share opportunities. Build online relationships with the companies you follow – possibly leading to a mutual sharing of each other´s content.

3. Host a fan page day. Create an eye-catching graphic, and encourage your community to share their page.

4. Be easy to “like”. Every once in a while, post something that´s guaranteed to get plenty of “likes”.

5. Share others´ content. Whilst being an easy way to ensure a steady flow of content, the beneficiary may also return the favour.

6. Garner followers from elsewhere. If you have a network of followers elsewhere, try and bring them all under one roof.

7. Introduce exclusive promotions. Create offers that are only available to those on Facebook, to make your brand one that users simply can´t afford to not follow.

8. Become analytics aware. See what posts are hitting the spot with your followers.

9. Purchase a Facebook ad. These are now highly visible in the News Feed, so have the potential to speak to great numbers of people.

10. Gauge opinion. Asking questions or organising a poll will show your brand´s commitment to constant improvement.

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