Digital planning tips

Is it really time to start planning for next year? While many firms are experiencing business increasing and therefore spare time shrinking in the run-up to Christmas, now is the time to get prepared for 2015.

On today´s agenda is digital planning and what ideas you can introduce into your strategy to get ahead of the competition – but nicely in line with your target audience. An article on the Business2Community website is something of a fountain of smart suggestions.

1. Top-down content

Focus your time and effort into one overarching idea for content that will spawn lots of other smaller pieces. This will have a greater impact on your readers as they follow the thread of articles. This will see them coming back to find out the latest developments – just remember to keep the content audience-friendly.

2. Data-driven targeting

Use software and tools to decipher what sort of content is hitting the mark. This will allow you to serve up more relevant content and improve your relationship with your customers. It´s so much easier to like someone when you feel they ´get you´.

3. Taking technology by the scruff of the neck

Technology allows you be more time-efficient in building and launching marketing campaigns, whilst driving much higher engagement and return from your digital outlays. Taking the time to empower yourself with the necessary knowledge will see time spent on campaigns fall away in the future.

4. Tailgating potential customers

No, not in a literal sense – the last thing customers want is to feel hounded. However, you should be targeting your content on social networks to those who have clicked on your website, thus showing an interest in your brand. It´s not enough in this day and age to put content out there that doesn´t have a tailored approach. People nowadays expect ads, messages and content marketing to be speaking specifically to them.

What ideas have you got that will enhance an online marketing campaign?