Customer retention through content marketingFor many brands it´s all about the new: new customers, new campaigns, new technology… But whilst it´s without doubt important to be looking ahead, it´s just as crucial to think about what´s already in the here and now. I´m talking specifically about your existing customers. Did you know that it´s apparently six to seven times more costly to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing one?

Don´t take those who have already taken an interest in your business for granted. Anything you can do to improve customer retention levels should be a top priority, because nothing can survive without its foundations.

An article on the Business2Community website suggests that new and helpful content is what will see your customers returning – though it clearly must be supplemented by a product that lives up to its billing.

Here are the four types of content they recommend creating for your customers:

1. User Guides

Should the customer need to find out how to use a particular feature of your product, where are they likely to head first? Your website should be the best resource for your products, so go ahead and make your customers´ lives easier, as well as the lives of your customer support team members.

2. Checklists & Handbooks

Products have the capacity to incorporate so many more features these days. By creating in-depth checklists, handbooks, and worksheets for your customers, you can help your users get the most out of their investment.

3. User Forums

Forums offer customers the chance to give some feedback – whether it´s positive or negative. Whilst giving you the chance to display good customer service, it could also take away some of the strain of customers´ enquiries, with other users pointing them in the right direction instead.

4. Webinars & Videos

Some people respond much better to videos and spoken word instructions than they do written ones. Cater for this section of your customer base, too.

What other ways have you found effective for ensuring that your business doesn´t fall out of touch with your existing customers?