The past 12 months in marketing have been dominated by social media and mobile. While official stats for 2012 will not be complied for a while, here are a few facts and predictions that sum up the year in social media, presented by Search Engine Watch.

According to a study from EMarketer released earlier this year, the total number of social networking users in 2012 will reach 1.43 billion, which is more than a 19% increase on the figures for 2011. Most experts agree that at some point social media will stop attracting new users but this is not likely to happen any time soon.

Meanwhile, the presence of businesses on social sites is also on the rise, as more brands realise the potential such sites have for cost-effective marketing and high engagement rates. A recent survey by global management consulting firm Booz & Company and Buddy Media showed that over the next year 96% of the polled companies are going to invest more in social media than they did this year. Businesses operating in advertising, PR and customers services were the most likely ones to create a business page on social sites, the study noted.

The world of social networking sites is still vastly dominated by Facebook. With its over 845 million active users and topping the chart for social media usage around the world, with the modest exception of six countries, Facebook will not be losing its dominance any time soon. Experts believe that part of its success is the efficient combination of global and local services that the social network provides.