Facebook is moving on with its advertising innovations and is going to introduce video ads in users´ news feeds from next year, according to Advertising Age.

After having tweaked its photo-licensing policy and its sharing limitations, the social media giant is about to insert up to 15-second video ads, both on the desktop and mobile versions of the site. According to Advertising Age, the news has come from several advertising executives who have already been informed of Facebook´s plans.

The company itself is still not certain about all the details, but what is known so far it that video ads will be featured in news feeds from April 2013, at the latest, and will start running automatically. Facebook has still not decided firmly on whether the ads will be displayed with their sound on as default option. Advertising Age also noted that the ads will expand further than the middle web page section, where typically news feeds are displayed, and will occupy the left and right rails of the page too.

Another key issue that remains to be resolved is how the ads will be distributed. One option is to target users who have already “liked” a brand but it is also possible that all users will be reached through the videos. So far Facebook has declined to comment on the matter.

Video ads are the hot potato of social media. On the one hand, video ads are a major tool for boosting revenues but various surveys indicate that they are also the amongst the most common causes for frustration among users, especially if they run with their sound on.