SEO trendsSEO likes to keep us on our toes, that´s for sure.

It´s an area that is constantly developing, so it´s crucial for marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest changes. In an insightful article I came across, Econsultancy presents some of the key trends that you should pay attention to, so I thought I would share them with you today.

1. Search results for different devices are going to become more diverse. Last year, research by Searchmetrics found that results on desktops and smartphones differed in 25% of searches for the same keywords, while differences could be found in just 8% of the comparative searches on desktop and tablets. It is expected that results will become more diverse, as search engines start to predict what users expect from searches on different devices.

2. Knowledge Graphs will become better integrated. As most of you already know, Knowledge Graph is Google´s method of displaying popular facts about places, people and things next to traditional search results. Google hopes that the feature will allow users to gather all the information they need from the page without having to navigate through multiple sites, and this feature is likely to develop further.

3. User signals will become more prominent. As Google keeps fighting spam, user engagement with content will play a more important role in deciding which sites are useful and informative. Social signals are also expected to be a factor in search ranking.

4. In-depth content will be required. As semantic and contextual search become more sophisticated, search engines are likely to better understand the intent behind a query. In order to rank well for such searches, the quality and depth of the content provided will be crucial, eConsultancy reported. Increasingly, online content needs to provide more related information on a keyword.

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